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Gel-filled Canoe Seat Pad

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The Long Awaited Gel Seats are Back in Stock!!

Built-in water bottle holder will keep your water bottle securly in place. Easy to install and remove with a single buckled strap. Non-abrasive, non-slip surface on pad's underside keeps the seat from slipping.

* Rugged and soft polyester laminated neoprene seat surface.
* Non-abrasive, Non-skid backing on seat bottom.
* Gel-filled core will not leak or absorb water if punctured or torn
* Gel-filled inner core with permanent memory.
* Built in water bottle holder (does not include water bottle)
* 16" wide by 12" front to back

* Reduced pressure point on paddler's seat.
* Insulates paddler from cold seat.
* Gel-filling distributes pressure evenly.
* Added comfort improves paddling experience and increases endurance.