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Men's & Women's Poly/Neo
Paddling Shorts

Sizes - XS - XXL

Sizes - S - XXL
Women's Polypro &
Neoprene Seat
Men's Polypro &
Neoprene Seat
Great for wearing under boardshorts!!

High quality 3mm perforated neoprene seat/hips
-- Perforated neoprene is breathable, comfortable and provides needed padding

Front panels made with Polypro. Polypro is a breathable, comfortable and flexible moisture wicking fabric that will keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer

-- Neoprene hips protect from constant rubbing on the gunnels
-- Drawstring & elastic waist for secure fit -
grip elastic at leg opening to prevent shorts from riding up
-- Flat-Lock Stitching for Comfort
-- Women's polypro/neoprene shorts are cut shorter in the legs and waist
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